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SSAS Ranking Results – Part 1

Excel is an excellent reporting and analysis tool loved by all in Finance and dreaded by those in IT. As a product it has come a long way since the early days and can be used as a very powerful … Continue reading

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SharePoint Caching Web Parts

Every so often I have to work on ‘dirty’ servers. It’s not nice, but you have to do it. Someone before you configured the server and an unknown number of techies have tinkered with it. Needless to say some strange … Continue reading

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Excel Web Services File Not Found

Excel Web Services is a great feature you can leverage with SharePoint.  A common task could be to upload an Excel file via a web part to a document library, open that file with Excel Web Services, manipulate the data, … Continue reading

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SharePoint Deploy Location

How do I change the SharePoint debug/deploy server for my Visual Studio project? As you are no doubt aware, there are a huge number of menus, options and properties screens inside Visual Studio. I know on more than one occasion … Continue reading

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Application Pool Settings

Here’s the scenario… You are creating a new SharePoint 2010 web application in Central Administration. The form appears, you enter all the information, and SharePoint starts creating the new web app, deploying the content database, etc. Just when everything seems … Continue reading

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Emailing from AX

Although Dynamics AX comes with a variety of altert and notification options, sometimes custom alerts are required in areas that cannot be handled with default methods. To send an email from AX, simply add code similar to the following where … Continue reading

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Resizing Forms

Something simple for the long weekend. It’s pretty easy to whip up a Windows application, but many developers miss basic pointswhen designing a form. One of these is allowing the user to resize their application widows. The first step is … Continue reading

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