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Web Part Properties

You can add user definable properties/settings to your SharePoint web parts a variety of ways. One way previously discussed is to use resource files. These are advantageous in that if your web part is used on a variety of pages … Continue reading

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Resources and Settings

There are two tabs in a Visual Studio project which are often confused: Resources and Settings. Settings File An application settings file will allow you to store and retrieve properties for your application on the fly. Say you wrote a … Continue reading

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SSAS Ranking Results – Part 2

In SSAS Ranking Results Part 1, I documented how to rank results in Excel. The ranking was based upon a specified measure and ordered as per a user specified sort order. One limitation with this ranking as it stands is … Continue reading

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SSRS Parameters and SQL Functions/Stored Procedures

It doesn’t take too long to move from basic SSRS reports built entirely within the development client to more advanced reports that leverage SQL items such as table valued functions and stored procedures. Most SSRS reports have parameters and quite … Continue reading

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PowerShell Commands to Install, Update, Uninstall WSP Packages

Nothing too new here, but useful stuff… Copy your WSP file to an appropriate location e.g.) C:\temp Launch PowerShell on the SharePoint server Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products -> SharePoint 2010 Management Shell Type Add-SPSolution c:\temp\TheSolution.wsp to add … Continue reading

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SharePoint Resource Files

Often a project has a list of use configurable settings that need to be changed periodically. By default Visual Studio will embed the resource file content in the dll of a SharePoint project which prevents anyone other than the developer … Continue reading

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Web Part Project

If you use the Visual Web Part project template that comes with Visual Studio 2010, an empty web part is created which can easily be deployed without issue to SharePoint 2010. The problem with the template is that everything is … Continue reading

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