CRM 2011 Custom Dialog

Creating a custom dialog box in CRM 2011 is a simple process. In the following example I will document how to create a dialog box that will update the Account Number field for the selected account.

First off, create a new Solution similar to the following:

Go to the Processes node and click the ‘New’ button. Fill out the form similar to the following paying particular attention to the selected Entity. The Entity must match the item where you want the dialog box to be available to ru

The first item that needs to be added is the Page. Click on the row below the ‘Steps’ node and choose ‘Page’ from the ‘Add Steps’ button. The caption you enter next to the ‘Page:’ item is what will appear as a prompt for the user when they run the dialog.

Select the next row down (highlighted in blue in the image above), and choose ‘Add Step’. This time choose ‘Prompt and Response’. The caption on this line is purely for your information. Click the ‘Set Properties’ button.

On the ‘Define Prompt and Response’ window that appears, you can enter instructions for the user that will appear on the form. You can specify what data type you want the user to choose from. In this case, we are simply prompting for a text value:

Press ‘Save and Close’ to exit the definition screen.

The next step is to take the information from the dialog box and update the account record. On the main Process page, ensure the ‘Page’ node is selected, press ‘Add Step’, then select ‘Update Record’. Enter an appropriate comment and things should look similar to this:

Then click the ‘Set Properties’ button to specify what to update on the Account record. The screen that appears closely mimics the Account form. Note that if you plan to update fields that are disabled on your form, you will need to go edit the form and enable the form, make the changes needed for the dialog, then lock the field down again.

Click inside the field to update, Account Number in this case, then on the right hand Form Assistant pane, click the ‘Look For’ combo box and down near the bottom under the ‘Local Values’, you should see an item for selection that matches the description you gave the prompt step.

Press ‘Add’ and the item should appear in the working box below. Then press ‘OK’ to add it into the ‘Account Number’ field. Things should then look like so:

Press ‘Save and Close’ to exit the form.

On the Process page, press ‘Save’, then choose ‘Activate’ to enable the form. Once the dialog has been activated, close the Process Page, and publish your solution by pressing ‘Publish All Customizations’.

That’s it! Open a contact, then click ‘Start Dialog’ to see the results. The list of dialogs appear, including the new one you just created. After finishing off the dialog and refreshing the account, the new details will appear.

In a future post I will document how to call the dialog from a custom ribbon button and refresh the record automatically afterwards.


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Based in Vancouver, Canada I’m an IT professional with a number of specialties. First and foremost I am the front-line between the business users I enable and the technical team I represent. Not content to simply push the paper I also get my ‘hands dirty’ when required. I have an extensive amount of experience with technical project management, ERP implementations, BI work, and development across SharePoint, CRM and generic Widows applications.
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