Enterprise Portal Policy Error

AX can sometimes through confusing error messages – this is definitely one of them.

When a user is attempting to save an expense report record on the Enterprise Portal:

A currency to convert to is required to retrieve exchange rate information.


After confirming that the usual suspects such a system currency are properly populated, it is advisable to double check that all of the custom expense report policies are properly configured.

In the screenshot below, the policy is improperly configured:


Whenever an amount is referenced in a policy, a currency parameter must be specified:


The expense report item will now submit properly.


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Based in Vancouver, Canada I’m an IT professional with a number of specialties. First and foremost I am the front-line between the business users I enable and the technical team I represent. Not content to simply push the paper I also get my ‘hands dirty’ when required. I have an extensive amount of experience with technical project management, ERP implementations, BI work, and development across SharePoint, CRM and generic Widows applications.
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