Dynamics AX 2012 Expense Policies

Expense policies are a powerful tool that allow expense reports to be evaluated prior to submission. When editing/creating policies, it is important to verify the Effective date before saving the record:


If the Effective date is not set initially, a new rule must be created.

Another item to check with the policies is that is it applied to the organisation you are testing with. By default the Policy Organisations tab is collapsed. The system will allow you to create a policy and not assign any organisation to that policy.


Even if the Effective date is set your policy may not fire when expected. Try entering expense transactions for the current date and see if the policy fires – a future date would also be fine, but the system will not permit this.

If your policy works on transactions for the current date, but not transactions for any date prior, the problem is likely the Effective From / Valid From date field in the SysPolicyOrganization table. I have yet to find a way to edit this field from the front end user interface, but through the AOT, check that this field has an appropriate date. Even if a policy and policy rule have effective dates far in the past, if the organisation is not effective, no policy rules will apply.



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