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CRM 2011 StringMap Table

Fields in a CRM entity record are often based on a pick list. Should you need to query the SQL database directly to extract information these will come out not as the text based descriptive values, but a code such … Continue reading

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CRM 2011 Custom Dialog

Creating a custom dialog box in CRM 2011 is a simple process. In the following example I will document how to create a dialog box that will update the Account Number field for the selected account. First off, create a … Continue reading

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CRM Database Migration Error

After migrating to a different CRM database or changing the server name it is possible the following error will appear: ExecuteNonQuery requires the command to have a transaction when the connection assigned to the command is in a pending local … Continue reading

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Adding a Multi-Select Field to CRM

Natively in CRM there is no multi-select list box. This can be built using a minimal amount of JavaScript code. Another method is to create a new N:N relationship between two entities. Say you wanted to be able to attach … Continue reading

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