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Based in Vancouver, Canada I’m an IT professional with a number of specialties. First and foremost I am the front-line between the business users I enable and the technical team I represent. Not content to simply push the paper I also get my ‘hands dirty’ when required. I have an extensive amount of experience with technical project management, ERP implementations, BI work, and development across SharePoint, CRM and generic Widows applications.

AX Life Cycle Services and BPML’s

Life Cycle Services is a cloud-based collaborative workspace that customers and partners can use to manage their Dynamics AX projects from pre-sales into operations. One component of LCS is the Business Process Modeler which is used to create, view, and … Continue reading

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AX 2012 CU7 Task Recorder – Distributed Environment

With Dynamics AX 2012 R2 CU7, a new Task Recorder has been released. The task recorder will allow you to record your business processes inside AX, generate a package, and upload them to Lifecycle Services (LCS). It is generally suggested … Continue reading

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Dynamics AX 2012 Expense Policies

Expense policies are a powerful tool that allow expense reports to be evaluated prior to submission. When editing/creating policies, it is important to verify the Effective date before saving the record: If the Effective date is not set initially, a … Continue reading

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Enterprise Portal Policy Error

AX can sometimes through confusing error messages – this is definitely one of them. When a user is attempting to save an expense report record on the Enterprise Portal: A currency to convert to is required to retrieve exchange rate … Continue reading

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Creating a C# User Defined Function in Excel that Communicates with a WCF Service

Here is the business case: Your accounting staff wishes to query some figures from the financial system in Excel. To prevent a litany of copying and pasting, creating custom analysis services cubes, or taking the rather drastic measure of granting … Continue reading

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AX4 WCF Errors

The AX Business Connector is extremely useful for accessing AX functionality and data from external programs. The connector has been around for a number of years and is still going strong. When testing a custom service leveraging the AX 4 … Continue reading

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SSAS Calculated Member Based on Dimension Attribute

Creating a calculated member is a great way to add functionality to your cube. Most times calculated members are based entirely off values in your fact table, but every so often you need to pull a figure from a dimension. … Continue reading

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